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How to Create a Realistic and Epic Jungle Scene in Vue : 49 Great Tips Revealed Live



Session 1 – Saturday September 21st at 20:00 BST

From Inspiration to Action: References, Materials & Ecosystems

- What to do before launching Vue? Discover the elements of nature

- Determining the materials and the ecosystem

- A quick look at material tweaking & adjustments

- Three Essential steps of realistic ecosystem distribution

- Physical water with realistic subsurface scattering

- An easy way to make non-animated waterfalls

Session 2 – Sunday September 22nd at 20:00 BST

Keys to Realism, High Quality & Fast Rendering

- Achieving realistic volumetric lighting – benefit from the power of Radiosity

- Creating a damped, humid jungle atmosphere

- Proven strategies for mesh optimization to speed up rendering

- Scene optimization – find the balance between quality and render speed

- Finding the best render settings for your goal

- Quick and easy steps of small fixes, adding more details and extra boost in Photoshop and Filter Forge

Bonus Items for Registering

- an exclusive coupon for 50% off one-time purchase in the D&D Creations Digital Store
- the atmosphere file is used in the jungle scene

Attendee Comments from other 3D Art Live Events

"It really was a presentation by Masters of the art. The amount of information given was mind-blowing, so that I will likely spend many hours stepping through the recordings to make sure I fully understand how the different effects were achieved."

(David Summers)

"Really, this is exactly what I've been needing to get me to the next level in my 3D applications. Honestly, I think I'd be willing to pay twice as much for what you've offered."

(R Scott Johns)

“Excellent conference... where do i sign up for the next one! The best part, besides learning lots of new things, was the chance to connect with others in my community."

(Ottilo from Vizvius animations)

"The knowledge learnt out of it was very worthwhile. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it."

(Rick Walters)

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